Friday, 24 April 2009


just thought i'd pop in and explain meself, theres no card from me today cos somebody in his infinate wisdom (hubby) decided to decorate the dining /craft room whilst i was at work this morning !!! a just freshening up the gloss has turned into a full decorating job and has spilled over into the living room so the whole downstairs is totally upside down so i maybe AWOL for a little longer yet, i just wish he'd given me some notice and i could have had some cards made ready to post.
hope to be back soon

Thanks for popping in



joey said...

awww Helen sounds like the sort of thing my hubby would do, without warning an upheval grrrr. Hope your back soon.x

Barb said...

When he's done I have a BIG game room that needs paint --- that would give you about 3 days to yourself!! Heehee! When he is done he can play pool/billiards. That might be good for another day or two.

Donna said...

Do you think your hubby could spontaneously come and decorate for me too lol! :) Donna x

Jules said...

Hi Helen - I personally think we are all a bit jealous. It may be a tad inconvenient but hey - a decorated room at the end. You lucky thing!!

Love Jules xx